Property Management

Ongoing support, advice and guidance from the real estate experts

Expert Property Advise

Vic REA have appointed experienced Property Managers that have expert knowledge in the rental market throughout Melbourne and Geelong. We streamline the process end to end, from advertising your property, to selecting the right renters and on-going management of your investment. Our Property Managers offer comprehensive services to ensure that your dealings with them are stress free and informative.

Our lease preparation system has never been easier. With electronic signing available, we are able to have a renter secured for your property within minutes!

Please contact us to discuss how easy it is to switch to Vic REA. We organize all the necessary paperwork from the previous agent and notify the renter of the change. Whether you’re unhappy with your current service or you wish to consolidate all your properties to one agent, Vic REA can help.

With Senior, experienced staff at Vic REA, we are always available to provide advice, support and guidance when needed. Even if you are asking for a friend, we are happy to assist wherever we can. Please contact us with any queries.

Vic REA have invested in the best computer and paperless technology systems in the industry. This allows our team to focus on building relationships with our clients, rather than being bogged down with paperwork. This increases efficiency and enables us to deliver information to you quickly.

A statement is generated every time we disburse rent into your account. This keeps all transactions and outgoings transparent, easy to read and generates an End of Financial Year Statement, perfect for your accountants needs.

Conducting regular routine inspections ensures that your investment is protected, in good repair and the renter are comfortable at your property. An initial inspection is conducted at three months, then every six months thereafter. We will invite you to each inspection, however a report with photos is generated if you are unable to attend.